Artist’s Background

From the time she was six years old Adele Chase knew she wanted to be an artist.  “The satisfaction and joy of being able to express beauty with your own hand, not to mention the approbation (admiration and esteem) it brings you, is enticing to a young mind.”  Born in San Francisco, a graduate of Lowell High School, she went on to receive her BA degree from UC Berkeley, a teaching credential in Art from Stanford University and her Master in Fine Arts from the California College of Arts and Crafts, in Oakland, California.

“Total exposure to arts and crafts is rewarding in its spectrum of design challenges and exposure to new techniques.”

In the course of a long career Adele enjoyed the very old technique of hand-made pressed tile, stone and clay sculpture and painting in oils and acrylics, in essence challenging herself to experience each expression as rendered from her personal point of view.  Throughout she continued to explore these various forms of artistic expression for the experience and growth which challenged the commercial approach to art that is more popular these days.   “I do not recommend this procedure to young artists as most galleries prefer artists to produce one type of product (until becoming famous and then whose name can sell their work) so that it becomes recognizable when featured or advertised.”

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