Public Installations

Artist’s Response to proposal for public work at Turner Court Operations Building

Art in architecture has always been my interest, and much of my training was with William Bragdon, who carried out most of Julia Morgan’s ceramic designs for the Hearst Castle and other major buildings.  Over the years few commissions were available, so in addition to those listed in the resume, I created tile murals for individuals for their homes and offices.

It is still my desire to design for architecture, thereby coordinating integral decoration with enhancement of the architects overall design, creating public appeal and interest in the enlivened building surfaces.

Custom tile is a most flexible material.  It can be used in or out of doors, from brilliant to subtle colors, as low or high relief, or as delicately as cloisonné.  It is relatively impervious to vandalism, can be easily cleaned and is extremely durable.  The most ancient relics to be found are ceramic materials.

The Turner Court Operations Building offers a variety of locations, inside and out, that could be enhanced with colorful contemporary design and motif.  The actual locations would determine the treatment and scope of design.

While I have completed this type of commission for the Court House Lobby on Amador Street, Hayward and the lobby of the Fremont YMCA some time ago, I have continued to produce large and small hand-carved, hand-pressed tile combinations for galleries and individuals to the present time.